Website Updates

For the longest time The website was having issues on mobile devices as far as scaling, but not anymore. I have modified the CSS to scale appropriately while on mid-sized mobile devices such as iPads and other tablets. There are still minor scaling issues on phones and other small mobile devices, but the issue is only minor.

My other website, is coming along smoothly as I rebuild and re-image the entire company. More future updates soon to come!


I am now accepting bitcoins as donations. The sidebar on the home page has the link. If you are mobile and cannot see the sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Back to Work!

So after a good near 2 months exploring the world outside of the office, I am now back for another 6 month push. I do not know where it will go from there, but after these 6 months, I may get a contract extension, or simply take another vacation. Other than that, I have been looking forward to getting back to work for quite some time now and I can’t wait to update my IMDb with more work yet again.